I like to see where I've been artistically, always hoping that I continue to learn, improve and grow.  Here you can see some older pieces and some of the newer paintings that are not for sale anymore:

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Daily Reflection, 14"x20", acrylic and collage
A Great Cup of Coffee, 11"x14", watercolor
Eat in the Street, 18x22, watercolor
Autumn Pond, 16x20, pastel
Classic grill, 16x20, watercolor
Lemonade, 14x16, pastels
Lemon and Ice, 22x26, acrylics
Morning Coffee in Savannah, 20x16, oil
Reflection on Eyeglasses, 16x20, watercolor
Sunflowers and Bees, 11x14, watercolor
Milford Diner, 11x16, pastels