The last update was on August 17, 2022. I'll update from time to time so 
please stop by often so you can see what I've been up to!
Welcome to the virtual gallery! 
You'll see by the links below that I think of the subject matter 
as categories of common nouns: people; places; things. 

If you are interested in purchasing something you see here, 
or have a special project in mind, contact me: cm.walls@comcast.net 
The Alison Wing
Moonlit Swans,water color, 7"x14", NFS
Antique Bottles, 12x14, water color on paper, NFS
Reflection on Glasses, 11x20, watercolor, NFS
Lemons and Ice, 36"x24", acrylic on canvas, NFS
Morning Reflection, 20"x16 ", acrylic collage, NFS
Proud Sun
Sheltering Moon
Cherokee Sun
Triangle Sun
Pensive Moon

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