People​ and everyday life
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Ben, monotype, akua inks on rice paper, NFS
Wind Song, monotype, akua inks on rice paper, NFS
 Diner Gossip, 18"x20" (20"x24" framed),  water color, SOLD
Dinner Out, Pastel, 14x16,
 (16x20 framed), $300
Ben's Chili Bowl, pastel, 14x18, $600
Alone Together
Watercolor, 16x22, $800
Busy Saturday Morning, watercolor, 22x36, $1000
Dinner Shadows, oil, 22x28, $800
Smooth Sounds, Oil on canvas, 8"x8", NFS
Red Ben, acrylic, 4"x6" miniature, $75, SOLD
Paintings that tell a story make for entertaining art. Telling that story with people makes it interesting to paint. That's why these scenes are a favorite of mine.

When I paint a portrait, it's not intended to be a photographic image of that person, but a glimps at their personality.
Journey to Soul,Oil on canvas, 16"x20", $850
Jim , oil, 11 x14, NFS
Pretty Girl in Barcelona,
Watercolor, 16x20, $1000
Xylophonist at The Art Institute of Chicago Watercolor, 22x28, $950
Truro Kids,
watercolor, 16x20, 
Blue Chicago, watercolor
16x22, $900
Ghost Gum, oil
 11"x14", $550
Shoe Gazer,  watercolor
11"x14", $400
Crab Pickers on Hooper's Island, Watercolor, 11"x14", $400
Blue Chicago, wc, 16x20, $900
City Boy, oils, 10"x14", NFS
Pocono Arts Festival, 16"x20", 
watercolor, $750
Moving Pictures: Party's Over, oils, 10"x20", NFS
Moving Pictures: Grande Jete, watercolor, 14"x22", $800
Cathy Jane on Harmonica at Dolce's, watercolor&pastel on paper, 14"x16", $500
Sunday Morning in the Mission, watercolor, 
16"x22", $900