Flora and Fauna
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Assorted Banners,  28" x 42", acrylic on fabric
White Geraniums 8x8 (16x20 framed),  water color, SOLD
Cherry Trees in Bloom, oil on canvas, 27"x33", $1000 SOLD
Water Lily Dragon Fly, watercolor, 7x12, $200 SOLD
Clouds Reflecting on Coy Pond, pastels, 20x24, $700 SOLD
Lemons Slice, pastels, 10"x12", $100
Three Dachshunds, oils, 10"x20",NFS
Play With Me, 16"x12", watercolor, SOLD
Crossing Guards, 11X9", watercolor, SOLD
Philly Cats, oils, 16"x12", NFS
Old Guard, watercolor, 16"x20", SOLD
Nasturtium, watercolor, 10"x8", SOLD
Rose Banner, acrylic on fabric, 
30"x17", SOLD
Sunflowers, watercolor, 14"x11, $400
Authentic Self, watercolor, SOLD