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Realism, but not photographic.
By manipulating color, shadow, and reflections, inanimate objects are transformed into storytellers.
Classic Grill, water color,12x14, (16"x20"framed), $600
Groovy Couch, pastel on paper,22"x24", $900
Beach Day, watercolor, 16x20, framed, $300
Old Glass Bottles, watercolor, 10x12, $200
Artist at Work, 22"x32", pastel, $400
Amber Bottle, watercolor, 9x16, $400
Old Crocks, oil, 18x24, SOLD
Apple on Step, watercolor, 10x10, SOLD
Marbles, colored pencil and watercolor on paper, 9"x12", NFS
Brand New Day, acrylic collage 11 x21, SOLD
Tea and Sympathy, Acrylics, 12x24, SOLD
Tea and Consolation, watercolor, 10"x10", $800
Time Passed, watercolor, 11x14,  $400
On the Rocks, Graphite on paper, 6"x8", $50
Reflection on Glasses, watercolor, 
11" x 16", SOLD
Child's Play, pastel and watercolor, 18"x19", $1400