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Emanuel Episcopal Church, 
(Newcastle Delaware),
 16"x20", Pastel , $300
Brass Doors(Cape Hatterass Light), 11"x14"
watercolor, $400
So often, painting a place means capturing a memory, this means recreating the experience and atmosphere of the location.  The advantage that painters have is that they can also capture an idealized (or fantasized) version of a place.
Sheds at Abbott's Mill, acrylics, 24x36, $800
Belmont Hall, Smyrna, DE, pastel, 11x14, $200
Fleet & East,  Annapolis, pastel, 11x14, $200
John Dickinson Plantation, oil, 11x14, $300
Ben's Chili Bowl, DC, pastel, 14x18, $600
Tom Maddox and His Red Gloves, (Newcastle Delaware),
 16"x20", Pastel , $300
Air Command Museum, Dover, Delaware,
 9"x12", Watercolor , $175
Dairy Queen After T-Ball,
16"x20", Pastel , $200
Laundry Porch (miniature),
 5"x5", Acrylic , $45
Terry House Back Porch with Wisteria Wall, Dover Delaware,
 16"x20", Pastel , $600
Fresh Paint for an Old Soul(Rose Cottage, Dover, DE)
 11"x16", Watercolor SOLD
Old Smoke house, Odessa, DE
 11"x16", Watercolor , $200
Spring Gardens at the Ridgely House (Dover, DE)
 14"x18", Watercolor , $300
My Studio, acrylics, 4"x6", NFS
Weather Vane at Abbott's Mill, 
Oil on canvas, 12"x12", $300
Terry House Back Porch with Wisteria Wall, Dover Delaware,
 16"x20", Oil , $600
Delaware Ag Museum Farmhouse
 11"x14", Watercolor, $200
Wooded Stream, pastel, 14x18, $300
Eat in the Street, Milford, DE, 16x22, SOLD
Play with Me!,  12x124, water color on paper, $400
Vertigo; Cape Hatterass Stairwell, 12"x16"
watercolor, $600
August at Abbott's Mill, 16"x20", oil, $800
Mystic Boats, 11x14, oil, $800
Ridgely Woods, 11x14, 
pastels, $200
3rd St. Troy, NY , 11x14 
oil, SOLD
 Abbott's Mill, 11"x14" 
pastels, $400
Abbott's Mill Streams , 11x14, watercolor,  $600
Rose and Crown, Lewes, DE, pastels, 
13"x17", $300
Fishing on the Mispillion, pastels,
13"x17", $200
Lavendar Fields, pastels,
12"x15", $300