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Change is a good thing

by Catherine Walls on 06/28/15

I admire the work of Andrew Wyeth. I admire the man for sticking with his style in the face of criticism that his work, while technically masterful, was unimportant to the art world because of its realism. In  fact I went through a phase where my paintings were moody, low color and high contrast; the painting of the earthenware crocks are an example. I really liked that painting. I carried it to show after show and no one ever gave it a second look.

This spring, as I was looking at the lilacs at the head of my driveway, my right brain flashed on the "Earthenware Crocks". These crocks now hold various types of mint so they were right there. I waited for the right lighting, cut some branches of lilacs and came up with a new composition.

Putting that first brush load of green paint on my lovely grey/white painting was hard. But I think the painting works better now. For sure it's less desolate and depressing.

It's on display in the Mispillion Art League and Gallery, #5 N Walnut St, Milford right now until July 25th.

Stop in and check it out then tell me if you think the transformation worked!

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1. Judy Struck said on 7/11/15 - 03:33PM
Absolutely! This is much warmer and more inviting. The addition of the colors and lilacs with the grey tones of the background makes it perfect, in my opinion.

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