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Summer Sunday, sunning, streaming.

by Catherine Walls on 06/09/16

And what am I streaming? NPR of course. Honest, I try not to start every discussion with "I heard this on NPR the other day",  but when you're a fan like me... since you're checking out an artist's blog post, I probably don't have to tell you how important the arts, all arts, are to our lives and to making this world more livable.  Public media is a major supporter, advocate and all around cheerleader for the arts. As a not for profit entity, NPR stations struggle every year to keep the lights on so they hold regular fund drives (well, you probably know that too). When they tell us that all the funding goes to programming, they're not kidding.  If you've ever visited a public radio station, you know what I mean, not particularly fancy places.


This year I was honored to have been asked to donate an original painting to adorn the official WDDE Fundraiser Mug given to those who donate during WDDE's June fund drive. I instantly thought of a favorite NPR moment; on the beach chair at the end of Virginia Ave, sort of in front of Edgewater House, earplugs in and listening to Delaware Public Media. Seriously, that's one of my favorite things to do. One of my friends was kind enough to model, although the sundress I painted is probably not her style.


So I'm asking you to help support NPR stations and become a donating member. And if you live in the WDDE listening area, please make your donation now. And consider donating at the $100 level (or even $10/month) and have coffee in the mug I designed!


"Summer Sunday, sunning, streaming" - watercolor painted exclusively for Delaware public Media

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